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Jane See

Jane See

Sydney, Australia


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My Portfolio;
I express myself through my art...an imaginary world with an 'abstract out of reality' style that captures my 'simplistic & positive' nature and helps me expresses my emotional journey...A personal journey...a new chapter in my life and the commitment to follow my heart...The most liberating and rewarding journey so far.

Jane started painting after a series of unfortunate events triggered her desire to pursue her long overdue passion for art wholeheartedly.
Jane specialises in abstract impressionism and surrealism. Many of her artworks depict her personal experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Jane's work was part of a display in the SCOPE Art Fair in Miami and was nominated for the People's Choice Award from 3 Dec - 8 Dec, 2013

EXHIBITED in the #CreativesRising digital exhibition in New York City
From 25 July - 10 Sept, 2013

Additionally, Jane was part of a globally recognized projection campaign throughout New York City, FEATURED on 5 Oct, 2013 along with thousands of other inspiring artists.

All artworks are original, copyright Jane See. All rights reserved. Copying without written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited.



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Exotic Orange by Jane See


Saucy Tulips 2 by Jane See


Saucy Tulips by Jane See


Eagle Spirit 4 by Jane See


Spread Your Wings by Jane See


Bella Luna 2 by Jane See


Lavandula by Jane See


Pink by Jane See


Melancholy - Pink by Jane See


Melancholy by Jane See


Autumn 2 by Jane See


Fading Away by Jane See


On Fire by Jane See


Tulips Blossom 2 by Jane See


Force Of Nature 11 by Jane See


Abstract Sunset 2 by Jane See


Abstract Sunset 3 by Jane See


Abstract Sunset by Jane See


Tulips Blossom by Jane See


Abstract Aquamarine by Jane See


Abstract Aquamarine 2 by Jane See


Aqua Energy by Jane See


Woman In Black by Jane See


Abstract Feathers by Jane See


Abstract Peacock by Jane See


Young And Hopeful by Jane See


Breaking Out by Jane See


Soul 3 by Jane See


Soul 2 by Jane See


Soul by Jane See


Breathe by Jane See


Force Of Nature 10 by Jane See


Force Of Nature 9 by Jane See


Solitude 4 by Jane See


Possibility by Jane See


Maroon Sensation by Jane See


Pink Emotions by Jane See


Silence by Jane See


Blossom by Jane See


Tulips by Jane See


Daisies 2 by Jane See


Rise Above by Jane See


Turning Point by Jane See


Autumn by Jane See


Daisies by Jane See


Echinacea purpurea by Jane See


Eagle Spirit 3 by Jane See


Utopia by Jane See