Jane See







Jane See

Jane See

Sydney, Australia



My Portfolio;
I express myself through my art...an imaginary world with an 'abstract out of reality' style that captures my 'simplistic & positive' nature and helps me expresses my emotional journey...A personal journey...a new chapter in my life and the commitment to follow my heart...The most liberating and rewarding journey so far.

Jane started painting after a series of unfortunate events triggered her desire to pursue her long overdue passion for art wholeheartedly.
Jane specialises in abstract impressionism and surrealism. Many of her artworks depict her personal experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Jane's work was part of a display in the SCOPE Art Fair in Miami and was nominated for the People's Choice Award from 3 Dec - 8 Dec, 2013

EXHIBITED in the #CreativesRising digital exhibition in New York City
From 25 July - 10 Sept, 2013

Additionally, Jane was part of a globally recognized projection campaign throughout New York City, FEATURED on 5 Oct, 2013 along with thousands of other inspiring artists.

All artworks are original, copyright Jane See. All rights reserved. Copying without written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited.

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Daisies 3 by Jane See


A Drop Of Golden Sun by Jane See


Yellow and White by Jane See


A Sky Full Of Clouds by Jane See


Tranquil by Jane See


Horizon by Jane See


Infinite by Jane See


Wonder Of Nature by Jane See


Daybreak by Jane See


Gray by Jane See


JS by Jane See


In My Nothing Box by Jane See


My Backyard by Jane See


Agapanthus by Jane See


Magenta Tulips by Jane See


Magenta by Jane See


Dreamy Sunset by Jane See


Romancing Turner by Jane See


Touch The Sky by Jane See


Look At The Bright Side 2 by Jane See


Look At The Bright Side by Jane See


Retreat by Jane See


Sapphire Sunset by Jane See


Poise by Jane See


Cruising by Jane See


There's No Sun Up In The Sky by Jane See


Above The Storm by Jane See


Peace In The Midst Of The Storm by Jane See


Even If The Skies Get Rough by Jane See


Today I Soar by Jane See


Across The Lake by Jane See


Float On by Jane See


Tropical Sunset by Jane See


Dusk 2 by Jane See


Fairyland by Jane See


Almost Fairytale by Jane See


Summer Breeze 2 by Jane See


Living Out Loud 2 by Jane See


Living Out Loud by Jane See


Red Illusion by Jane See


Blue Heart by Jane See


Loyalty - Blue Heart by Jane See


Trust - Blue Heart by Jane See


Peace - Blue Heart by Jane See


Harmony - Blue Heart by Jane See


Another Day by Jane See


Unconditional by Jane See


Let's Call It A Night by Jane See